Student HealthIQ App


Did you know that blueberries will improve your skin or that a 20 minute nap will help you feel more rested than one that’s 60 minutes? The transition to college isn’t just academic, you’ve gotta take care of yourself, now more than ever. Student HealthIQ is here to help--with a treasure trove of tips and tricks to stay healthy and happy while at college. And the best part? You can win BIG CASH PRIZES every semester!

Unlike stale pamphlets and boring compulsory seminars, Student HealthIQ was developed for students by students and features beautiful (and sometimes cheeky) content and quizzes that will challenge you.

Topics you’ll learn about...

  • Foods you can eat to get the most out of your workout and look good
  • Sleep and stress management techniques
  • How to minimize the negative effects of substance use
  • Ways to navigate sexual consent and be an effective bystander
  • Student HealthIQ is free for all, but only students who are enrolled at subscriber institutions will be able to earn cash prizes. Not sure if your school is participating? Shoot us a message or ask your health center.